About us


Syringa Bioscience (Pty) Ltd, Centurion,
South Africa
John MORRIS is a Romanian-South African self-made scientist, as he describes himself in his book FROM RAVAGE TO RESOURCE : Adding Value in the Control of Invasive Plants. ISBN : 978-1-4392-3050-3.
His dream is to provide affordable, efficient natural medicines to everybody (www.syringabio.com) and to start a new and real Hydrogen Economy in Africa.

Dr Marin RADU is a Romanian scientist who cannot sleep until a problem is not solved. His electro-catalytic membrane decomposes the water molecules with a very low imput of energy and thus makes the in situ hydrogen production betwenn 3 to 6 times cheaper than the conventional sources of energy, according to the application. He agrees that a Hydrogen Economy in Africa is very necessary.
Hydrogen Africa is a joint venture between the research companies of the two people who dream to make poor people happy. Imagine, tonight how many poor people cook their dinner with conventional energy resources and how much polution must support our environment. We can change that.  

Dr Marin RADU
Director General

CCMMM Bucuresti, Romania